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Rules & Regulations

Exhibition & Sponsoring
ASIATOX-Ⅸ Congress Sponsorship Opportunities
CST is proud to co-host the 9th ASIATOX International Congress of Toxicology (ASIATOX-Ⅸ). With about 1000 participants, ASIATOX-IX offers a great opportunity for the companies and Institutions to present themselves and their technologies and products to a broad of delegates not only from China, but also from other regions of Asia, United States, Europe, etc. The Sponsors will largely help offset program costs and also shares the congress prosperous. The Exhibition will be closely located by main meeting rooms, and in which the coffee break area will be hosted. There are five categories and levels of Sponsor / Exhibitor opportunities, each level will provide the recognition for your Company/Institute. Select the level that aligns with how your company wants to enhance its presence at ASIATOX-IX. Do not miss out this significant platform to present your company.

Benefits by category





Price (US dollar)





Advertisement in Congress Manual

One full color page

One full color page

One full color page

A half color page


3 standard booths (prominent position)

2 standard booths (main position)

1 standard booths (main position)

1 standard booths

Congress Website promotion (webpage link)

Acknowledgement on conference background wall and the background board of registration

to be marked at prominent location

Acknowledgement in the conference procedure book

to be marked at notable location

to be marked at notable location

Jointly organize a special meeting session

Free registration fees and meal fees, invited to attend the welcome dinner

6 participants, and give 5 min speech

6 participants

4 participants

3 participants

Participate the congress awarding ceremony as an honorary guest.

Ordinary Exhibitor and other sponsorship
1.       Ordinary Exhibitor
The price for ordinary exhibitor is US dollar $3,000.00. The benefits for Exhibitor: 1) provide a standard booth; 2) exhibitors’ name will be indicated in the conference manual; 3) free registration fee and meal fee for 2 participants, and to be invited to the welcome dinner.
2.       Other special sponsorships are also welcome. 
The price for a special sponsorship is US dollar $1,500.00 except the congress document bags sponsor. Only one of the following conditions is guaranteed for each special sponsor, and the cost of the following articles and materials shall be prepared and paid by the sponsor. The appearance and form should be agreed by both sponsor and congress organizer.
    Sponsor the conference document bags with the name or Logo of the sponsor (1000 bags, limited to one sponsor, no other payment);
    Put no more than 5 pages of corporate publicity materials in the conference document bag;
    Distribute no more than 5 pages of enterprise publicity materials for each delegate in the meeting place;
    Give all participants souvenirs, such as pens, record books, small gifts or souvenirs, with the name or Logo of the sponsor printed on them;
    Provide a housing card set with the name or Logo of the sponsor.